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Special Timing

She faced life. Raced, tumbled and got back up. All with the help and kindness of all the people she has met in her 24 years on Earth.

A Cloud of Happiness

Every story has an ending. But every ending becomes the next chapter of the story. All those memories made, those words and time shared, those food and laughter partaken and those tears washed away will always remain; a cloud of happiness that will always hover over us to keep us company forever.

To keep in touch as we pass on the passion.

To keep in touch as we pass on the passion.

It’s time to say goodbye

Tell you what, it’s gonna be fine

Our bond’s the sign

That our friendship will last a lifetime.

Haunting equations, formula

Acid fumes digging down our lungs

Yet we’d still join math and science clubs

We just can’t get enough fun!

Sleepless nights

Can’t turn off the lights

This research has to be right

These drooping eyes we have to fight.

Tests awaiting at sunrise

A cup of coffee to get by

There’s still time for a little chat

We laugh and try to stay relaxed.

Don’t you see?

We got through thick and thin

Every smile and drop of tear

Pulled us together through the years.

Such a special timing

We crossed paths right here

At that perfect moment

I knew a blessing has been sent.

In this small world where we live

One day we’ll meet again, you and me.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only TRUE FRIENDS will leave FOOTPRINTS in your heart.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

© 2018 Jillian Talavera

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