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Women's Bodies Original Fashion

Book the plane to Paris
Upload photos and bare designs
Do not underestimate the scissors, feathers and girl
How old did you tell me seventeen
Where she had not seen her carried candles
Or is it still in the manager's room
All this tries measurements and movements
Hurry up ... The plane arrived
On the airport door a man with a strange appearance
The girl flattered him and leaned toward him
Give him some money .. asked her stranger
Will you walk between the corridors of fashion
You will expose the body to experts
The girl was surprised and left
She wears this red cleft
And return to the exposure of white fluffy
Then she passed wearing meaningless
And from one party to another to a hotel
To the day of departure and to the door of the airport
The strange man smiles to passersby
The girl approached him and said to him
What do you say? Do you know who I am?
The man smiled and told her I knew you
And I know many like you passed from here
Today they sit in their balconies
And alone in the bodies ................. obsolete
It does not need those who tear the cloth
Who think they are designing costumes
And they design women's fashion
Dirty (women's bodies original fashion)
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© 2018 tabouche amin