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Who M I (Woman Poetry)

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Who M I

I'm never short of excuses to be happy forever
I don't feel sorry for your absence
I have learned to live in all circumstances now
Even if we become ruddy leaves, we are not like this even because of the credit

In the flying free sky, watching the birds fly
See your own smile on your children's face
Those dew drops lying on the glass of the windows
Learned to live by keeping hands on watching the open sky

How is politics in living openly with friends
What is a building in which no humans live?
mom dad taught me to be true to my feet
So how to deal with someone and how to complain.

A doll kept in a corner in the house of childhood
Did anyone understand the pain his compulsions
When I was there, she used to walk around every room with her.
Don't know from your own house what are these distances now

Seeing those who eat blood and sweat
To be happy with the happiness of others is the habit of living
I am a girl, what will you taunt me?
We have the skill to suppress the pain in ourselves and drink every choking

© 2021 C Chand

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