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With My Pain I Seek to Love


With My Pain I seek to Love


We've all experienced it in one capacity or another.

With pain I strive not to hate,

For hate is the predictable reaction,

It is the sought after reaction,

It is the reaction which invokes more destruction.

With My Pain,

I seek to be unpredictable,

Against the grain-Healing.

With My Pain,

I seek to be what I could only be,

In having that pain in the first place.

With my pain,

I seek Love,



and Mercy.

With My Pain,

I seek to give -

What perhaps was never given to me.

Hate is a virus,

which spreads

and leaves nothing but devastation.

While Love,

is the long procrastinated activity,

which yields many fruits,

And leaves more love behind to be shared and felt.

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