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Wishes of Like Me: A Poem

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Wishes of Like Me:

I wish to write the way writers would in their dreams

In their world where the only thing mattered was their love being returned

That in which page the character falls for her and it's the end

In the author's note they thank for their inspiration

In a way that their words that dispute in love was their reality

But reading their stories felt as it's a huge hollowed mystery

I wish I could write about their blue eyes or their coffee tinted ones

I wish I have someone to paint like poets tell the lover of his

If written in ink, it says: my home is you

I wish people who won these writer's hearts were also meant I could be someones

That, too, someone behind my back rants how stubborn I can be

And I could note how oblivious they are

I wish I could be those writers who writes to oblivion

In about their desperation of their person's touch

To be touched by Cupid's arrow in the potion of love is what they seek

I wish that these dreams can be kept

I wish that these words would come true

And I wish that a lamp could do 3 more

I wish that my pieces would eventually fit

Wishing to be living in the centres of heaven

As often mention in conversations, in poems, in books, and in tales,

Known she has already taken a heart, and that theirs were kept in another

I wish if that this universe had any sake to be good

I want to be someone who can live through their own stories

Even they’re made up ones

To be the Persephone to my Hades.

In my own deathly way, may whoever they are, lit these gates on fire and light my smile.

I just wish, this all so hope, could last.


Persephone to Hades, Nikita Gill

Persephone to Hades, Nikita Gill

© 2022 mar

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