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Insightful Poetic Realism When a Relationship Starts Too Fast

I sometimes find it effective to convey insight and awareness concerning relationships with poetry, as I’ve done with this story.

Is your relationship moving too fast?

Is your relationship moving too fast?

When a Relationship Starts Too Fast

This is a philosophical poem illustrating the wisdom of understanding a new relationship that starts at an intense pace.

When a new relationship starts too fast
With passion and lust mainly amassed.

Sensual feelings typically emerge
Before devotion and trust converge.

Love and affection might tend to lapse
And a potential relationship could collapse.

Lust alone would leave it deficient.
Mutual respect is more efficient.

A strong foundation of trust and respect
Helps get through tough times in retrospect.

Relationships involve both happiness and sorrows
And disagreements make mysterious bedfellows.

Couples need to learn to appreciate one another
And understand one’s background they discover.

Only when partners learn the other’s true feelings
They will indeed grow in a relationship that’s fulfilling.

Challenging issues that may not be a preference.
That takes time and requires acceptance.

When quarrels occur, words can be heard as discontent
When all along, something completely different was meant.

Partners should be on the same side as team players.
And work on a common goal among friends and neighbors.

Discuss what’s important. Values and beliefs can be conveyed.
As the partnership continues, love and affection will be displayed.

A bond that's given a chance to mature is something to relish,
Assuming both partners want the relationship to flourish.

Eventually, they feel they are on the same team.
And they protect one another with great self-esteem.

This poem was based on my in-depth discussion essay:
"What Happens When a Relationship Starts Too Fast?"

© 2022 Glenn Stok

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