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Winter Poems for Kids


Biggest Snowman Ever

This year,

I'll make the biggest snowman

than I've ever made before.

I'll pack him away from the driveway.

Yes. I'll sculpt him by the front door.

He'll be tall. He'll be fat.

Yes. He'll be grand.

I'll place a big, warm, fuzzy hat

on his head.

A long wool scarf

will hang around his neck.

I'll even give him a cane or

put mittens on his hands.

So when people come to visit,

they will see,

the Grand Marshall of all snowmen,

the new member of our family.

Debbie T. Alsup

My Mark

It was a big storm.

How big was it? You asked.

It was the biggest snow storm

I ever did see!

Nothing all around me

but white, white, white.

If I were old enough

to use a snow plow

or a snow blower

It would not have helped this night.

The wind pushed me back two steps

each time I made one.

I tried to keep my mouth closed

but the wind was in control,

blowing snow in my face, my eyes,

oops not again,

snow in my mouth,

wind rushing up my nose,

toes cold, toes cold.

At last sweet victory is near.

I can almost see my mark.

The lighted Christmas tree

in our window

straight ahead.


Mom's in the doorway to greet me.

I made it here before dark,

from my friends house,

three doors down

by the park.

Debbie T. Alsup

I Can't Wait

I can't wait

to join my friends.

Sitting here watching water

drip, drip, dropping

from an icicle

on our window sill.

It's like time is standing still.

When we meet

we will compete,

to be the first one who can

slide down

from our snowiest, tallest slope.

The fastest girl or guy,

will be the

first to shout:

I am the winner!

The title is mine,

beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I am the king or

I am the queen

of the snow covered hill.

That's what winter is all about!

Debbie T. Alsup

Wish Come True

I am a snow fairy princess,

lying in the snow.

With each flap flap flap

of my wings

I make my wishes grow.

With each flutter, flutter

I am wishing a secret wish.

No I won't tell.

I believe like every snow fairy and

I am knowing it is true,

that whatever I hope for

that is good,

will be a wish come true.

Debbie T. Alsup

Snow Ice Cream

I'm going to make snow ice cream

like Grandma used to do.

So when the first snow falls

I'll catch a pot or two.

I'll mix in some vanilla flavor,

milk and some sugar,

for my crew.

That's all I'll need.

Grandma's recipe,

a tasty treat.

Snow ice cream, who knew?

Debbie T. Alsup


There's a funny story going around.

Of course it is not true.

Because when I heard this tale

it was about me and you.

It was said

I could not pack

or through a snowball

that could hurt a fly,

and you could not hit

a target right before your eyes.

Well we both know

we are skillful

at throwing snowballs,

so we don't have to prove.

But you can just bet

those who started that rumor,

wish that they were in our shoes.

Debbie T. Alsup


Snow snow

go away.

Bring the spring back

any day.

Bring the robins.

Bring the flies.

Bring the fireworks in the skies.

Bring the picnics,

and baseball games.

Go away snow.

Go back from where you came.

Debbie T. Alsup


Winning at everything I do.

Inspire myself, my family and friends too.

No negative friends to pull me down.

Trying new adventures that are legal and true.

Earning honest money for a job well done.

Return to the beginning of this poem.

Debbie T. Alsup

Winter Is Here

Sliding down a snow covered hill,

the newest sled,

I love the feel.

On icy patches

I jerk and twist.

Winter's finally here.

I got my wish.

Debbie T. Alsup


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