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My Wilder Flower

Mr isaiah Ebhodaghe is from Nigeria, he is poet and author of Seven books; The fearless kingdom, the fortunate wedding, Where is the Child.

my wilder flower

I thought i will finally

secure your gate and

beautify your building,

but everything ended like

a night meal.

which made me to ponder

if you gave me extra water

to drink. I remember how i went

about beautifying your


painted it with the most costly

paint , for us to be together and

live forever.

I never know i was beautifying

this building for another man

to enjoy, where are the prophet and


Why should they allow me into such

a journey?

Now you have come back appealing

see how they have wrought handle

the whole thing,

please go away i don't want to beautifyy

any building again, not

to be beating a second time.

© 2020 isaiah ebhodaghe

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