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The Hidden Beauty

a poem based on how beautifully people present their lives doesn't necessarily show how disturbed they really are...


Those stretch marks are poetic, they reflect her bravery

That curve on that seductive face of her, it's contagious

Though seems like the dawn, the sight of her face is still charming

Though none ever recorded, beautifully photogenic is her glance

Her humor is something more than humorous,

Her innocence is extreme

Her voice is as sweet as a siren's song, once heard, can't be left unseen the next time

Her hands might tremble, but her eye contact does never shake

So impossible and unworldly her imaginations sound .. feels unbelievable and dreamy

Her laughter is contagious and unpreventable is falling for her

Her charisma is unknowingly unpredictable ...

Though she suffers every single night, she struggles every working day, against the dices of fate, she dances off her aches and pain

Then against the assault of indirect insults and sarcastic questions, she just giggles, repenting her birth

None later comes forward to wipe off those watery drops, beneath her eyes, rolling down her seductive face

Her pain is air, though invisible, felt every moment

Her eyes are oceanic and her body is curvy deserts ...

She's the same bubbly, little girl, who's always happy and never cries, no matter what. The same girl you've never witnessed crying. The same girl who walks like a nerd and yet manages to be fun around ...

Thus, Proven, You can't judge a book by its beautiful cover ...

© 2019 Bhargavi Katkar