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Wide Awake



In the middle of the night

with just a flicker of light

my eyes just kept on blinking

while staring at the ceiling

What am I even thinking?

I can't think of anything

my mind is completely blank

why? I am not even drunk

The clock’s steadily ticking

I even hear my breathing

even my head is throbbing

and my heart kept on pounding

My bedsheet kept on rustling

I've been tossing and turning

I've reached for the bedside lamp

heard my book dropped with a thump

Got up and reached for the book

been reading gobbledygook

perhaps a glass of warm milk?

maybe this will do the trick

My empty glass on the sink

I sat on a couch and think

best to watch some Netflix shows

Bridgerton's good I suppose

I was in episode four

when the rooster outside crowed

already the break of dawn

oh my! I got up and yawned

I went for a quick shower

put on my blouse and trouser

I'll buy donut and coffee

at work, I can't be sleepy

© 2021 Harriet Dionela