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Who Chose Who?


Yet so deep.

Succumbing to you

Difficult to believe.



Is it really love?

At times, it seems like lust,

Is it sent from above?

Riding this rollercoaster,

We call life.

Surviving day to day;

Shall we take it in strife?

In a moment's notice,

This breath could be our last;

Do we think out each moment,

Or shall we live life on the edge, fast?

I look around the room,

The air is so still...

I wonder about tomorrow,

My anxiety takes over;

From there, it is downhill.

I cannot help the way I feel inside,

Constant turmoil;

Yet at times, am i really alive?

I crave your body next to mine.

I long for the words,

To instill in your mind.

Maybe I need to dig much deeper,

Searching for a part of you

Immerse myself,

Something much steeper.

If the mind takes over the heart and soul,

Then please tell me why

When it comes to your aura,

I am not in control.

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