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Who Is the President

who is a president, who does the word means?


Who Is the President?

p- position and pride, with which he presides in office,

r- the reign of authority over the land,

e- efficiency with which he gets things done,

s- sincerity, and honesty of the heart.

i- intelligence, integrity, and interest,

d- dedication, devotion, of work.

e-education, emulation, all combine to make the man,

n- nothing, no one can stand in his path,

t- tolerance, toughness, and togetherness form the basis of his policy.

put together they make up his/ her ideals.

only with time and hard work can anyone truly knows how he really feels.

patience rules above all,

arrogance cause his /her fall.

ideology has nothing to do with his/ her policy,

only that of their legacy.

how he/she governs is what matters,

he/ she must be a trendsetter,

for the better...

not his/her height or might or willpower counts,

but how his popularity mounts.

to him/her the laws can never be broken or bent,

to lawbreaker and criminals a strong message be sent.

after all, I am the president!!!

yes, I am the president,

a person with well intent.

I fear no man, only god,

I sit firmly in my seat,

even in the cold or heat.

my hand is always ready to make that call,

I know every one of you all.

not a minute do I weaver from my duty,

nor do I swear false,

my staff bears my arrogance,

they do it with tolerance.

no one hates me for I am loved,

yes, loved by all.

time well spent,

for I am the president...

I know right from wrong,

people all over sing me in song,

no matter how long,

I am strong...

my will is to strive for excellence,

my motto to do gods- will,

my hand never be corrupt,

not even war can disrupt...

I love to see others happy,

my wish is that all be healthy...

the people are my responsibility,

the country my prosperity,

I want peace in the land,

I want all to be a helping hand...

my desire is your well being...

my happiness lies when my people are happy...

selfishness is far from my heart,

I tried to do my part,

the goodness of self art...

let the world see what kind of person I will be,

for only time will tell,

how good my country sell!!!


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