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The girl in the movie


who chooses the girl ...

I can write a thousand-line novel
But you will not read it will not enjoy
I know why because television is the winner
In the war of words and pages
In a incivility call it freedom
TV was able to share our lives
He, the actor, the director and the girl
the girl . Women the movies

Who solves the mystery

And who chooses the girl .. Director
Who gave him the right and we are the viewers
Who shall be transgressed in our dreams?
I am The Great Gatsby and she is the girl of my dreams
And if I choose from bewitch
It must be a black mix in color
Meet the West and the East
I will choose mila kunis
I'm sorry carey mulligan
It is not personal that is my dream
Freedom Lady dialogues
Even the film the adjustment bureau
I will choose shailene woodley
I'm sorry for everyone. Are my dreams

The director does not rule it

I chose the girl

© 2018 tabouche amin

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