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Yearning for a time to let go
I lamented my twinge a decade ago
Rise and fall in the buncos of life
Pushed me to a numbness so polite
That I feel everything yet nothing
For thou shan’t find a numbness so great
Thy one half perk and alert but thee other half aloof and crook
It is like an oversight oscillating between oversee and overlook

Cry they say, but what for?
Drown to be saved, what for?
The beginning is the end, just a vanity in between
A test of a chess is the in between, defined by the Queen
Play hard to win for others, play foul to lose for others
Automation is loosened sometimes to outwardly let us decide for others
It’s all about the others, where did the own self go in the game?
You were created for others, it was all planned with no shame

Blurry nights seduce you to set asunder the someone you and no one you
It’s a hardtack that why we do not remain we in that definite moment
A task that we are turned over to complete by stuffing someone’s body
Strangers and strangers circling around make us forget the biggest stranger
For human beings and self strangeness is inseparable
Existence is punishment and punishment is life
The reason for the punishment still remains guile
Pacification is enhanced by the me not me phenomenon!
Annihilation amplifies by the why me phenomenon!

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