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where might it end

i can’t live with too much reality
it confuses who i am;
how much of it is of God
how much of it is my inability to cope?
Is the mistake i am
the way of life i chose for myself;
how much of it is true
i can’t convince any of you
you have your own story too

i wouldn’t know how to return
a lighted staircase stares
where might it end
will i have to live without you
everything’s different now
the news could be better
i know someone braver than me
that’s who i want to be
strength can either be he or she

she and i talked about every star
not by name but by the light
the constellations finally made sense to us
we realized dreams have to be shared
we thought what we knew
it seemed anything I could say
was already inside of you
the closed eyes we once saw through
is now the lucky sadness of once loving you

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