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Two Unusual Love Poems For Valentine's Day

I started writing poetry as a child. I write performance poetry, observational, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious human rights issues

What Is Love, How Can Love Be Defined?

What is the essence of love? It's hard to put your finger on it.

It's part chemistry, part imagination, some say it happens instantly, others that love can grow on you.

Some people never feel it, others feel it often. Some people confuse lust with love, and can't tell the difference.

Some people think you can only love one person, others that loving one person does not exclude your loving another, serially or monogamously.

William Waterhouse:  La Belle Dame sans Merci

William Waterhouse: La Belle Dame sans Merci

And, Of Course, As Well As Romantic Love, There Is Platonic Love, And Love Of Your Family And Friends

We also speak of love of food, drink, and physical items. Then there is the metaphysical love of provable things like truth, generosity and heroism, and the love of things which require an act of faith and which so far have not been scientifically proved, like angels, fairies, God and other deities.

Here's the First Poem - Sleeping Around

Bad Diana!

Sleeping Around

Shall I tell you who I kissed

While we were sleeping?

I kissed the postman

When his hand came through the door

I kissed the milkman

When he stopped off on his round

I kissed the fireman

With a burning passion

Bit off more than I could chew

But as the night progressed

I dimly realized

That every man I kissed

Was really you.

Diana Grant 13th May 2009

A Broken Heart

What Are Your Thoughts On Love? With Love Comes Joy, Pain, Surrender Of Independence, Obligation And Sometimes Loss

And here's the second poem:



Were a key

It would unlock

The door to my heart;


Were a lock

I would embrace

My imprisonment;

If EJP were a door

I would open it wide

And step inside.

But he is a man

Who hides in a box

I can't read his mind

Or unpick his locks

If he were a key

The key to my life

He'd be my husband

And I'd be his wife

Diana Grant 1st March 2009

Listen To The Poetic Words In This Lonely, Lovely Love Song

© 2010 Diana Grant