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We Need to Start a Fire

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We need to start a fire

We need to get it burning

Since the colds been turning

We need to start a fire

We need to light it

No, you cannot fight it

That colds consuming

The blizzards booming

Why are you still fighting?

Is that skeleton biting?

These winds are churning

I can’t get it burning

Is that body stirring?

Do you need some curing?

I feel it from here those bones are deathly cold

You were told

We need to start a fire

We have to get it burning

Are them bones exploding?

That clouds a freezing

Last thing we need with this blizzard raging

This all seems like it took great staging

And as the last bones fall the cold recedes

But see there on the ridge

More to come there’s sure to be

Let’s start a fire

Let’s get it burning

Let’s end this brrring

© 2018 David

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