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Romanticism influenced poem that deals with one's feelings of something that appears to be unattainable.

I want to let you in.


Why do want me?

I’m not nor have been worthy of you.

You’re perfect.

Love like yours could heal thousands.

I can’t believe that you love me,

Chose me,

Want me.

The pain that others have caused,

Is what’s keeping me from you.

I can’t trust you,


I want to.

I want to know you,

And feel your warmth.

I love you and you love me,

But I can’t let go of the thought

That you’re not real.

I live everyday seeing how a real love like yours

Touches so many.

The warmth and acceptance I’m craving,

You’re the only one who can give it to me.

It’s an all-encompassing warmth.

I will have it,

I need to have it.

© 2019 Zilfia J Robinson

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