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waitress girl


i could tell you wanted to talk
but first you looked away
thinking about a butterfly
it was such a long gaze
as if it was all night,
fighting the wind
migrating north to south
from you to me

i have to get over your beauty
it’s what a man has to do
think of sleeping with you
wondering if you think about it too
while you stand there
talking with the lips that i want
you to give to me

you have to survive the castle
and the tower window longing
gazing out over the green meadow
while my eyes send turbulent colors
the ones that fight the wind
as you tell them of your sorrow
and paint the wind
with tears i thought was the sun
hoping it would return them to me

go ahead and say it
the phone will ring
your boss will scold you
the customers will not want to pay
but the air is on fire
you can feel it
in the middle of an ordinary day
go ahead
roll the dice on the glass
all they have to do is fall close to me

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