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Vacation Is Important

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I Have Disagreed With My Wife For Years

We have to drift back in time

To way back when

The year was 1983

I was a High school graduate

Thrown into the working world

I had big dreams

I thought if I worked hard and followed my dreams

I wouldn't have to wait to have a vacation

Two or four weeks of the year

I could enjoy the good life anytime

Taking time off when I needed

First I had to dedicate my time now

It would pay for itself years later

My future plans would include retiring early

At the age of 40

I worked through my days off

Vacations I postponed to the end of the year

Forced to take them

Dedicated to one result

As the years rolled by

My dreams didn't come true

At age thirty-four I met my wife

She didn't see my vision

She believed that we should enjoy our life

Going on vacation at different times during the year

It is o.k. to dream

Do both dream and hard work

Also, you need time off and breaks

To ensure good health and a bright future

I continued to dream new dreams

Making sure life is not only work but much more

Including family and friends and fun time

Thirty- eight years from my original dream

I am on vacation and enjoying life again

There are many things I haven't accomplished

Which I gave all I had but it wasn't meant to be

Then there are things that I wouldn't have ever enjoyed

We have traveled with my mom to Florida, Las Vegas and Arizona

My mom has been gone seven years

Those experiences would of never happened

We have also traveled to Aruba and Vermont

With everything going on in the world with COVID 19

Where people can't travel

We still took our vacation

Spending quality time together

At home with no work

Eliminating stress and unwinding

I have realized she was right

Life can't be all work and no play

We need a balance

Without it life will always be out of alignment

Years later some things maybe impossible to fix

She has given me time for myself every day

Where I can think and imagine

Of a world I want

At the same time having a special love

That doesn't grow old

Only gets better over time

A win-win