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it feels as if i’m in another country
unsure about myself
though there are lonely people here too
Some went to a funeral
as long ago as i did
it feels as if the life at the end of a match
is still trying to blow it out
i saw it all happen
at least after i started caring
ashes to oceans he became
womb to tomb i became
i am in the middle
i am to

to the point
the part where it begins to hurt
at the end of whatever time we served
to one another
was i paying you to love me or not to love him
we never did lay naked on the beach
hundreds of times we felt it wash over us
but the cleansing moon remained alone
our imagination was strong enough
eyes to lovers we became
lovers to memories we became
we were in the middle
we are to

to the letter
the one never written
the one you will never read
you have what you need now
it explains our movie without risk
it is only from your point of view
let me try with the authority of blame
but how can i
when it’s obvious i need to write it
fantasy to reality
forever to never
i was in the middle
you were to

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