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Until My Breath Fades Away

Converting thoughts into words filled with feelings has become my hobby.


Darling, out of all the souls I met

It’s no doubt you’ve been the best

Most of the battles I’ve fought

Seems like the hardest is yet to come

The very first days those eyes touched my heart

Your soul melted deep inside mine

The way you touched my world

Changed my life to the best anyone can have

Walked down the streets

Laughed out loud

Pulled you cheeks

Enjoyed your smiles

Remember the names you call me

In deed the names I called you back

Stayed up all night listening

To that only beautiful voice

Opened up my heart

You cuddled me into your arms

Lifted up my face

Kissed me on my cheeks


I felt home in your hands

Settled my head on your pillowed chest

Followed your heartbeat until the end

Fell asleep faster than I ever did

Stared at you for hours my boy

Falling in love all over again

You are my hero that gave me my life

I’ll love you till my breath dies

Blessed with the best I proudly say

You built up my world all over again

Forever I’ll love more everyday

Kiss me goodnight everyday….


The hopes that seemed too far away

The dreams that seemed to fade away

The darkest days that follow our way

Hold my hand and lets’ walk this way

Promises that broke apart

Hugs that failed to be shared

Never mind honey am always there

You proved it yourself anytime anywhere

My forever love I would say

In the hardest day I promise I’ll stay

Up towards the stars we’ll sway

My darling be with me, even after that last day…

© 2017 Sammani Galagamaarachchi

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