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A La Luna

It's in Spanish

Moon you who are that inspiration of many,

you and the stars are inspiring just like them,

the moon once told me life is an epic,

it is a small cartridge,

and at first I did not understand it since it is very confusing

and she made it clear to me that everything has a use,

Whether short or long, it has its bitter tone,

and it is not vast with the weight that I carry.

I'm just looking for someone who understands me

and suddenly I throw a stone "to learn".

the angry moon replied "be patient"

When I continued not understanding, I told him I don't understand what you have in mind,

"You just wait and protect your heart from people who only want to do you harm"

and well I'm still waiting for an answer,

or even some hint.

© 2021 Miguel Garcia

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