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Try to Keep the Calm

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"I want to do more with my life than just give up." - Mandy Harvey

the greyest of the darkest days
the pain of being awake
more than someone should have to take
enough to make you break

the feeling when you're sad
after you are done with being mad
and you've forgotten all the glad
it's now just something that you had

but that's wrong

doesn't have to be that way
It doesn't have to be that way
each day is just another day
another way to celebrate

in Life, there's ups and downs
and as long as you are around
something precious can be found
if you just listen to your sound

somewhere deep inside
is the person that you sometimes hide
don't be afraid to take the ride
and face the coming tide

be the best person that you can
you got to understand
that the only plan
is for you to find you

and if you truly see
and be who you are meant to be
no matter the ups and downs
you'll be fine

try to keep the calm
as you face another dawn
and try your best to smile
every moment, every while

it's easier than you think
it's better to rise than to sink
in life you must take each and every drink
and be grateful

grateful for the time
grateful for peace of mind
grateful for the chance
to be a part of this awesome dance

it's easier than you think
easier to rise truly than to sink
just be the best you can
and give yourself the grace to try again

and if you think you failed
you can't
be the best
life will take care of the rest

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