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English Poetry: I Feel so Helpless

I'm Brijendra Giri, from school time I love to write poetries but now I'm also write songs, which you can read here


I Feel So Helpless

My world is so empty

I feel so helpless

It seems that nothing I do is enough (I thought I'd tell you)

I am so lost in this world

Everything seems shallow when we're on our own (I thought I'd tell you)

How can I convince you?

I want to tell you the truth (I want to tell you)

I do what I have to do (I want to tell you)

My life seems like a battle to put on

Where are the fights that should be fought (I want to tell you)

Can I keep my cool and keep my distance?

And I know that I'm the victim (I want to tell you)

© 2022 brijendragiri

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