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Ātman sutra

Deepali Sharma is an art enthusiast and an author who through her art form tries to bring out the darkest and the deepest facets of life.

Who are you?
She asks me.
I look at her baffled eyes and tell her,
A mountain of strength.
A land of fire.
A sky of peace.
I'm a body of lies and a soul of truth.
I'm the mouth full of sugar with the bitterness behind my tongue.
I'm a closet of puzzles and a room of solutions.
I do not look,
I see and perceive.
I do not hear,
I listen and feel.
I do not say,
I speak and create.

I am your name and yet unknown.
I am the road
I am the home.
I carry the weight of my own footsteps.
I build my way with pebbles and stairs and thorns and flowers.

Who are you?
She asks me.
I look at her baffled eyes and tell her
I am the teacher,
I guide my way.
I am the destroyer,
I shatter, I break.
But I'm also the maker,
I join and make.

A halo of darkness with a tangent of hope.

I am the thief....I steal from you.
I am the artist who plays with strokes.
I paint my shadows on the canvas of your pain.
I am the poet,
I capture your words
Then make a song for you to hear.

Amen I say to the prayers you sing.
I am the Creed to your disbelief.
So who are you?
I say to you.
She answers with faith
I AM YOU. -Blackbird

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