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Like Mommy & Daddy


My parents and I are more like the same --I please them & they please me.

— Sunshine Tibod

Family Ties

Are we not good daughters,
Trying to imitate our mothers?
Are we not good sons,
Trying to become our fathers?
In these family ties,
We grip & grapple
With all our strength
In the aim to create
Better shape of ourselves.
We say,
‘I shall be like mommy,
Owning all the gentle
Kindness & understanding
Of the world.’
‘I shall be like daddy,
Venturing & seeking
All the adventures
Of the globe.’
Yet, for how long
Shall we keep?
How long shall we grip
Unto that swear,
Upon that ambition,
We have for ourselves?
Do we not
Have the right to shape
Ourselves through
Our own way?

© 2019 Shing Araya

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