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Just a Moment with You

Erika fell in love with a guy, who she just met once. She never thought this infatuation became love at all and the feeling is true.

Ill Accept the Space Between My Heart, as Long as Your Happy.


YOU were my WORTH but Yours was Not

The day that i saw you, The day that i fell in-love with you The day that my life was complete The day that gave me something new The day that change my life into everything That feelings; Feelings that i know I know can hurt me in the end In the end that will make me cry Even if cry, my heart is still yours Im dreaming of you all the time All the time your in my head My head cant understand weather to stop or to go on Stop loving you or to go on and fight for you But i want to ask, do i still have a chance? This feeling that i have know I have for you is not easy Not easy for me to forget of you Forget the spark that i felt; Its not easy Remebering that day is a beauty A beauty that shouldn't be forgotten At a palace were everything seems to be so perfect Perfect to dream for us For us to be together The suit and gown fit perfectly to the both of us We were so perfect Perfect as i thought it was Then it was all just a dream Just a dream, just a dream The dream that i thought can show you Show you that i can be everything Everything that it will, to be perfect Perfect to think that ill be worth for you But your worth is not me -Erika

About the Poet

This poet is actually a spoken poetry....

I made this poem because i want that person in my dreams to know that i fell for him the day i met him, but that would be to difficult because he already have someone besides him and i think it will be forever. The reason for this is I want to tell everyone that someone might come into your life but not all is destined for you, he or she might be just a inspiration to get moving and living life.

By the way if you find that right person, don't let him or her go.