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these pitiless circumstances

i like poetry and poem also like writing on hubpages because its a right platform for writers..

'these pitiless circumstances

denied explanation; this time,

there is no consoling

this uncivil heart.

once again a pledge

that was never redeemed

once again loose talk

that was never affirmed.

once more the moths'

fluttered denied martyrdom

once more the many tapers

that never faded to night.

once again' the familiar lurch

of my heart before i tasted wine

once again' soirees that never

found consummation in the tavern.

once again' the acolytes remain

unquenched . but for a glimpse.

once again' the night of union

passes to sunrise unfulfilled.

who knows when the doors

closed in the petitioner's face

stymied yet again'

their prayers went unheard.

while for faiz every day

befell. as if the very fast

he knows the day

of reckoning is still to come.

© 2018 Abdullah ishfaq

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