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there's nothing

there’s nothing wrong with me
except the true pain of love
an unknown mystery, guided
by the only light i see;
your soft words of assurance,
blinding the failings of the ordinary
daring to compare it's pale life
to the indescribable colors,
to be lived as we have my love;
as the coming dawn promises,
nothing before seen
hoping to live again
inside a discovery of light
and the love you send,
there's nothing wrong
only gravity releasing me

there’s nothing for me to do
except to kiss the veins
pressing through your skin
my lips, like white water rocks
accelerating your blood,
my breath, soothing,
slowly warming
as the feeling flows
from your beautiful body
bursting free from bondage
drawing me near
only to be swept away
without warning
into the life we prayed
there's nothing i can do
i've already fallen for you

there’s nothing left of me
the past is no more
racing along the banks
of love, night and day
to a distant shore,
there is no memory
to guide me, no memory
except fear of those
who are not you,
but as i accelerate,
my reckless mind
can only think of you,
the blood of my life,
all that I know to be true
there's nothing left
only the new of you

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