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A Reason to Love Your Cup of Coffee

For every struggle and battle you won, there's a good cup of coffee at the table to reward your day.

From the inevitable tiredness of overnight duties, its aroma keeps you awake. The delicacy and happiness packed in each bean massages your worries.

So, while life keeps you young, sit and indulge a cup of coffee.

Coffee Break


Have a sip
Of your daily dose
Of caffeine & delight.

Whether cold or hot.
You can choose
A latté or caffeccino
Or whatever you want.

Its satisfying aroma
Drives you into nirvana.

Though your heart,
Palpitates repeatedly a rush.
Your flattering,
Puts on a blush
Over your supple cheeks.

So enjoy
Your little coffee break,
For only once
Life offers a chance.

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