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The White Knight

A 28-year-old nerd who loves writing, history and just learning as much as possible Works part-time as an SAT-Prep Teacher at Huntington

I once had a “friend” in high school.

Let’s call him Arthur.

He was an interesting one.

This kid was like a unicorn

amongst a sea of donkeys.

Top of the class,

perfect attendance,

honest to a fault…

and a target for those who craved

a delicacy like him.

He prided himself

for his mastery over empathy,

wielding it like a sword

he carried on his back.

And his addiction

to be the hero at a moment’s notice

was nauseating.

There were moments

I should’ve said something.


when I should’ve done something.

Instead, I recall

the moments when I sat,

watched, and wondered:

“Who was going to save him from himself?”

© 2019 Nolan Johnson

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