The World in My Eyes - Nature Poem

Updated on April 6, 2018
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Jann Allen Arud has been reading and writing poems for so many years. His works are mostly inspired by experience and nature.

The world in my eyes

Jungles of concrete and steel,
dwelled by beasts
with godlike roars
and skin of metal sheets.

Rivers of darkened water
flowing smooth and slow,
fetid, noxious and revolting.

The wind blows freely gentle,
suddenly harsh and mean,
unpredictably wild and enraged.

The Earth has awoken,
from years of bewitched sleep,
carelessly moving,
aimlessly sailing,
longing to recast itself,
crippled by settlers
who's been devoured
by greed and egoistic deeds...

© 2018 Jann Allen Tomino Arud


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