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The Three Letter Question

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Lee is an aspiring writer who makes poems in his free time. Words and lines give him comfort in trying times.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Three letters, enough to make me cry
One word
Filled with wonder, anguish, and purpose.

White eyes
From staring at this bleak world too much
With its charm and glamour, I was enticed
Slipped into this arid pit the oblivious swim in.

Almost haunting
I’ve learned early on
That the only way to live is to die
The stench of my rotting pith concealed by my smile.

So I asked
I searched within
The reason for my undue misery
And whether or not my plight would change.

In the end
Face to face with Death himself, I get to ask why
His face was stern, as he ushered me into the light
“You haven’t learned enough.”

I felt a hand touch my head, inching me closer to the light
My body shrinking, memories fading
I haven’t learned enough? What does that even m…

All I can do is cry as I see the blinding light.

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