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The Rigid Hand


the Rigid Hand

my hand!!

oh, my hand !!

the rigid hand trembles in fear

make mistakes by far and near.

goes back in time and place,

even the great leaders have to face,

at a quickening pace...

the rigid hand raised up in anger,

to stare at the blank page in wonder.

what am I to do?

one stroke of my power

can turn a whole nation bitter and sour.

for only I know my true courage...

my hand can be harsh, unyielding, forever unbending,

so to test my strength,

just go the extra length.

I can make leaders great or small,

to one and all,

nations, upon nations, fear me,

for I use not guns or force,

but just one stroke of the pen,

why then,

I can do many tricks,

with just a few clicks...

I love the feel of the pen,

it makes me want to write and never stop,

until my hand drop...

my hand is a mighty tool,

yes, it can play the fool,

it can be cool...

it can punch and it can stroke,

it loves to caress, it loves to mess...

it can be swift, it can be slow,

it always knows,

when to put up a show...

my hand is good,

it prevents bad,

it hugs when sad.

the more it is used,

the more it is abused...

the hand is a shield,

it can be wheeled...

it loves to play and fight,

it loves to get dirty and sticky,

it knows who to hold, and who is cold...

it's always bold,

doing what its told...

the rigged hand !!!

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