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The Laws


The Law

the laws of the holy books

are not some ancient magician tricks,

as most persons say,

it's a clear guide to salvations way.

teaching and telling us about good,

like a shield it protects, and covers like a hood.

protecting and covering us,

no man should fuss.

none can stand in its way,

no one has to pay.

for the laws are free,

free from sin,

where only the believers can win!!

the laws of the land are man-made,

it is used as a human shade,

it will in time fade.

it is corrupt,

though it was not meant to disrupt.

it protects the wrong,

give light to the strong.

the laws do injustice to the right,

it protects the might.

for many, it is a savior,

for most its behavior,

is very unjust,

but in every country, it's a must.

yes, justice is blind,

but only in a fool's mind.

it shakes the foundation of truth,

it delivers justice from its root...

at times it takes the mighty force of the law,

to get the corrupt out,

it takes more than a shout.

some laws favor the rich more than the poor,

some laws are out of place,

some a waste,

we all make haste.

many a rapist plead innocent,

well heaven be sent,

if not to jail they went...

the laws of ancient are good for that era.

but the laws of today need more force,

laws are a course,

laws are laws meant to protect,

one and all,

least some should fall,

prey to the devil's call.

both the laws of man and those of god was made to serve as a,


to those bent on disobeying what's right for wrong!!!