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The House of a Wild Flower

Deepali Sharma is an art enthusiast and an author who through her art form tries to bring out the darkest and the deepest facets of life.


The house of a wild flower

A few years back,
something was snatched away,
something was shattered apart.
it's back again.
i was able to rebuild it
slowly and steadily.
But during the time of its making,
some pieces of the puzzle
of 'tracing back the lost',
rotted away.
i tried to regenerate them
by feeding their spaces
with false lies and hollow hope
but i guess,
my body has never been strong enough
to hold a life long enough.

When you indulge a child in the game of 'house' all his life,
and then one fine day tell him its has rather been a game of 'pretend',
he will spend the rest of it
calling himself a fool.
and even a call from a real home
will bring back instances of that play.
and the child would rather wander alone
than come back home.

which is to say

when you made me believe
that my body was yours to have,
i believed.
then one fine day when the game ended
and the truth uncovered,
the gist of innocence was snatched away,
the tomb of faith was shattered apart.

it's back again.
i was able to rebuild it
slowly and steadily.
but during the time of its making,
the magic of melting freely into someone else's skin,
rotted away.

which is to say

this body has worked its way out in this wilderness,
now any call to my bones
will not..........bring me home.

© 2018 Deepali Sharma

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