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The Greens of September

Author/illustrator of Whispers of the Goddess & The Quit Smoking Express. Graduate of the Long Ridge Writing Group & Institute for Writers


While I consider my love

of olive green, specifically,

crows caw behind me

and a headache caws

behind my right eye

it's likely from my teeth

and my fear of the dentist

Crickets rub against tall stalks

of state park grass

and every shade of green

brings me peace

An old man patiently sits

as he watches my son fishing

and I wonder if he ever thought

he would get this far

get this age

and then I remember

my mother

She went from assisted living

to the hospital

to the rehab

to the hospital

to the rehab

where just the other day

she swatted me away

a shadow of anger and despair

in her right eye

What is cawing behind it?

Confusion, pain, and desolation

as I watched a shadow of myself

come and go when she said,

"I love you, but you have to leave."

Once more I cried in front of strangers

not ugly ridiculous crying,

no - that was last week

just unstoppable welling up

and leaking tears like a fault

like a crack in a dam

that just needs repair

and now I am wearing long sleeves

last week I hated August

and this week I love September

as the greens threaten us with

their imminent death

and the end of

another finished season

© 2021 Carole Anzolletti

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