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The Gift of Pain!

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry in her free time. She loves to write on different topics...


The Lost Love

Raise your hand towards them, is it necessary?

Do they talk to me, is it necessary?

Sometimes it rains without clouds

Just rain with the clouds, is it necessary?

They can change course in the middle

To Stay seven floors, is it necessary?

I am lost in sadness for no reason

Imagination, is it necessary?

Keep the lamp burning every night in your memory

To See you now, is it necessary?

Emerging then the reflection of fireflies in the eyes

To control those emotions, is it necessary?

Misbah, you have to leave, so leave

To give someone a gift of pain, is it necessary?

I can't understand throughout my life when someone meets you, says that they love you and every time they seek for their advantages in a relationship, and when they didn't get any more benefits from you, they leave the relationship like taken for granted and move on while the other person keeps burning alone in the fire and they don't care. If they want to leave afterward, then why that person comes so much closer to you. That you can't imagine your life without having them with you. Why give someone that pain and sorrows and to the one who loves you truly and deeply. It's not fair to be so much cold hearted.

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Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on January 16, 2021:

thanks a lot. very true and kind words

Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on January 16, 2021:

Thanks a lot. I think one person is always more serious towards the relationship

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on January 16, 2021:

I can understand the pain you are experiencing, due to the troubled relationships. Expressing it through your poem, should ease your pain a little bit.

I believe, if someone is not sincere in a relationship, you should not worry about that person either. Easier said, than done. It takes time to heal, but the sooner it's done, the better. The wise thing to do is, to move forward and be kind to yourself.

The most beautiful gift is Life, and not pain. I wish you all the best.

Thank you for sharing.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 15, 2021:

Sometimes both partners in a relationship are not equally committed. One may love deeply and the other may not feel the same level of love. This is sad, and one is often left grieving and broken when their "true love" leaves. Well-written poem, Misbah.

Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on January 15, 2021:

thanks a lot for your kind words. really I feel very sad about your aunt and her family and about your sister as well. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. AMEEN


manatita44 from london on January 15, 2021:

I am here and speak to you, because I feel your Heart ... I feel your sincerity. This does not soften the blow, I know. Yet each life is sacred and you can help yourself. Each soul travels its own journey the most basic rule of Yoga, is transformation of one's own nature.

If you keep up your sadhana, your spiritual practice; your sewa (Self-less service) you will be amazed of how much you will strengthen the inner psyche. What we see outside, is a measure of what we are inside. Listen to this:

My aunt was been to hospital twice in 4 days. She has Covid-19. Her first son is in hospital on oxygen. Her husband passed 5 days ago, not yet buried. Another daughter got very ill and her husband is in hospital. 3 of the family circle in hospital and one death. My sister in Texas, has stage 4 Cancer and is ill, and yet there are people much worse than me.

I care and do what I can, but I do not lose my balance. Why? Because I have sat in prayer and meditation for 38 years and I have served mankind, with God's Grace. Serve, exercise, change your angle of vision. if you are strong within, you can handle anything.

You are a gift of Brahman and the human birth is difficult to get. Look after it. Life will improve, not by what you see outside, but how you change within. Write to me, I ask for nothing, but I care. God loves you. ceeccil@hotmail.com

Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on January 15, 2021:

manatita44 I agree with what you said. I have read Rumi a lot.

First I also think the same way but as am growing I tasted a lot of bitter flavors of relationships. it's not about everyone but yes there are a lot of people who when comes to relationships, show you their true colors when you are struggling with hard times in life.

when a loved one cannot stand with you at that time, Then how can you rely on your partner? , how can you count on that person who can leave you at any moment. And it hurts, even more, when you were truly sincere and can't imagine your life without them.

well, am still learning a lot. Maybe with time, I will learn and talk something different.

Thanks a lot for your response and support

manatita44 from london on January 15, 2021:

No, it isn't.

Read some Rumi, if you can. No hurry ... only if you feel this way. We walk alone and each soul has its own struggles. You know yours. If you can, listen to the inner voice and see where it takes you. Rumi's poetry can help, but yes, I hear you and I'm not without feeling. It is a road that most of us walk. Much Love and healing!

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