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Under a sky full of stars

Beside my baleful scars

Between the silence and the sea

Behind the moon's eclipse I see

Your shadow shines away

Your memories burnish today

That's why I dream about you every single day

Because I love you in a different way

Obvious , I want you

I need you

I miss you

I could not live without you

so zealous to hold you again

calamitous leave burns my pain

My life is getting cold and you are not here

Every things become unclear

Just tell me

If you can hear me

Who's gonna walk me throught the dark side ?

Who's gonna sing to me when the sun won't let me sleep?

I can't feel safe without you

my hero is you

I remember that you were there for me

To listen to me

To understand me

To look at me

To talk with me

To teach me

To play with me

You are the story of my life

The story that will never be rife

My true friend and my dad

My king that never let me sad

My destiny that goes so dilatory

My fastidious history

My little melody

The perfect symphony

You will be always in my memory....


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