The Day We Meet Again

Updated on November 4, 2017
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im just a student in computer programming but i love nicolas sparks books

I am waiting for that day

when we again sit together after ages

and remember old days.

All those talks about me crying

or you going away from me.

That day I will hug you tight

and fill my eyes again with tears.

We will talk about all those times

that we spent without each other.

I spent all my nights looking at the stars

and you could tell me how your days go.

And for one more time I will absorb your pain.

I don't think that

the pain of death would be

any close to the pain of separation.

I would burn myself into ashes

if that warmth would help you survive.

And the moment you would sit in front of me

will bring warmth to my soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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