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We're Together in this Calamity

A passionate poet, I try capturing the current goings around the world through verses. Poetry is my vent for all things I feel deeply.

We're in this together

We're in this together

The cyclone came again,

Reminding us of the pain,

And trouble we had gone through,

Last year.

Hundreds of lives were lost,

Historical monument destroyed,

Homes broken, shops flown away,

Livelihoods nowhere to be seen.

After showing its wrath for days, it receded,

Leaving us to acclimatise ourselves with devastation,

Slowly, brick by brick,

Buiding by building,

We built the neighbourhood back,

Built the city back,

Built the state back.

We had moved on,

Progressing with ourselves,

Marching ahead in career,

In wisdom and in life.

It was when we had settled,

We hear the announcement,

About another cyclone arriving,

Deadlier than its predecessor,

Expected to wreak havoc,

Demolish even more lives,


We have learnt from our mistakes,

And hope to be able to fight this better,

With preparedness and planning,

We're in this together,

As the weather worsens,

As nature is at the,

Verge of showing its wrath,

Once again,

We wait for the massacre to happen,

Helpless in front of nature,

Holding on to each other,

We're in this together...

Hoping for the safety and health of everyone. Be prepared and be safe people.

© 2021 Debayan Ganguly

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