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The Conflicts

The Conflicts

First born am I am of two consenting adults,

I gain no title and no wealth for I am a Bastard,

A damned child and illegal child as a result.

The laws of man call me an illegal child,

The Old Testament says I am cursed,

A conflict exists in texts placing me in exile.

The laws of man are ignored and so I receive a last name,

I am not illegal or treated as such in the eyes of the judges of the courts,

I live as any other citizen in my region, treated the same.

So the definition of my title has no relevance to law,

Biblically I see the conflict in the words,

My faith that judges according to the Old Testament is flawed.

The flaw is not the religion but those that practice it wrongly,

The New Testament is what we are told to abide by,

So why do we reference the Old Testament to judge so strongly?

To be damned and to be cursed is not something I chose,

The sins of the mother and father should not reflect upon my innocence,

Through my faith and practice of the New Testament my integrity grows.

So if my title is not relevant and my religion anew has forgiven me,

Foreigners should be accepted as well because we are all human,

Why do we treat foreigners as criminals in a land we claim we are “free?”

We struggle with our own hypocrisies and curse our own humanity.

© 2018 Kevin C Davison

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