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The Color of Your Love Is Always With Me -(The Love of God)

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry in her free time. She loves to write on different topics...

women's red headscarf photo

women's red headscarf photo


Thou hast bestowed,

But I have forgotten.

He gave me more,

I did not give any thanks again,

He gave more,

Will give me more,

love the lord your god with all your heart

Of the rivers that turned away,

I learned to breathe in the wind…

My next look is at the stars,

Yet at his support,

Your colors, your colors,

Oh my Lord!! Your colors,

Wherever I go, your radiance in the world,

Your colors are always with me!!

Summary of the poem:

The poem is about how God blesses us and how man forgets all HIS blessings. It's the nature of man to forget and to complain. But God is merciful even if we forget the thanks to Him for his Blessings. He still keeps blessing us. As no doubt He loves us.

Man forgets and keeps on complaining to God as it's human nature, but God as His nature is Merciful, Keeps on blessing countlessly.

All of us enters the world with empty hands and have no doubts that will leave empty hands, rest whatever we get on the journey of life is a gift, a blessing, and we should be thankful to our Lord for all those blessings

Hope all of you will like my poem.So in the end once again, I would say love the lord your God with all your heart for he is the only one who loves you.

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