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The Cold Shore

One more place i need to be

To watch the wind and hold the breeze

Ease pain and feel the cease

Before i sail and go to sea

The northren star shines the brightest

With a light that guides you astray

Through the darkness and toremented bay

To the lost home and most darkest

A light call of sounds of the seas

Let not it guide you to be the fallen unproud

A guilt to bear through the seven seas

Which will make you bleed out loud

Dark clouds and thunder with pouring rain

Left the ship broken with tormented pain

A bleak night of march that took away

All of the joys that were lent to stay

Yes the darkness was unbearing

The cruise was far beyoned dreaming

Yet the ship sail to an unkown land

To rest and escape the foresaken plan

By the cold toremented shore

There laid the master cold and dead

I heard a loud cry that stood to roar

My master died with a smiling dread


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