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Teach Me The Art of Forgetting


Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry. She is conveying messages of love through her poetry.

About this poem

Some people fell in love with each other, but unfortunately, they apart from each other for forever. Sometimes circumstances and sometimes time separates them. But how can love get out of their life and heart? how can they erase their memories?

As long as you live, you care for them, your love for them will always live on, will always stay green. Or if one partner is unfaithful to the other, after separating, can they ever feel comfort and peace in their life?

So, why people take the chance to break up?

I Have To Live Without You!

Teach me the proficiency of forgetting,
Going, erase all the memories and, go
Come on, look me back right now!!
Fulfil the broken relation,

Sometimes it haunts me,
Sometimes it makes me scream,
Just take your love out of my heart,
You are happy tearing apart, so split apart

Your hand was in my hand till yesterday,
Your heart was beating in my heart,

These coarse eyes have changed now,
There was a time when I die for them...

I have to live without you,
I have to live without you now.

© 2021 Misbah


Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 09, 2021:

I am happy to see the poll results, a lot people think it is not easy to forget a loved one after separation.

Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 08, 2021:

Yes Brenda

I agree no one knows which direction their love takes them. No one knows and to forget the one you have ever loved is not possible

Thanks for appreciation

Stay blessed always

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 08, 2021:


I don't think one ever forgets or erases the memories.

It is s part of his life. Which direction their love goes...who knows.

Nice writing.

Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 08, 2021:

Thank you so much MG Singh

Blessings to you

Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 08, 2021:

Thanks a lot Rosina,

Time heals deep wounds I agree but still time can't make you forget a loved one

Stay blessed always

MG Singh emge from Singapore on February 08, 2021:

This is a nice post and you have raised important points.

Rosina S Khan on February 08, 2021:

This is rather a sad poem. There is the pain of separation, for sure, but time can heal everything. Thank you, Misbah for your touching poem.

Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 08, 2021:

I agree with you Pamela. People say it takes time to forget a lost love... I would say it can take a life to forget still will not succeed.


Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on February 08, 2021:

Thanks a lot Manatita, yes of course to love is a part of life and very important and beautiful experience too...even if it hurts, it is precious

Sending Blessings

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 08, 2021:

I don't think we forget a love after breaking up, and sometimes it is very hard. Other times there may be relief. This is a good poem, Misbah.

manatita44 from london on February 08, 2021:

Yes. Because life itself is a quest for meaning and purpose, which lies at the feet of Brahman. The 'who am I?' question, is bound to crop up, even if it took one thousand incarnations. What we call 'love' is human attachments. Only a fool would say it's not necessary, though. It is a part of the Divine Lila, which we all experience.

With constant Sadhana (Spiritual practice), we gradually learn to let go, but yes, for many it's a challenge and just one simple lesson, can take lifetimes to learn. Work with it and feel at peace. It is a part of the journey. Your poem is great, though. You express it well.