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The Amalgamation of Love and Lust


You and me walking in the lonely lane

I hugged you and touched you alone

The combination of love and lust

in your eyes, Makes me crazy to fall in love

But I am not sure, I need you to catch me

I want you to hold me and spread your

Warmth inside me. It is funny to see the

Sparrows, trees got jealous of our love

I want you to be with me and chant my name

The word gentle came from you

Your lips on mine is like a dew on the rose

I will give my life for the sight you gave on me

When my eyes meet yours I can’t stop my heart

To follow you. My ego stops me to open

My thumbing heart, it is suffocating here

I want you to give my oxygen

I want you to get my love. I am losing my hope

But I will wait for millennium

I made a mistake of accepting your fucking eyes

Fucking words. It is haunting me.

I made a period to our meeting outwardly

When I was given a choice to choose you or my respect

I chose the second.


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