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'The Whispering Mist'


Direction I.

'the whispering mist'
cradled silhouettes,
of our hiding light..
shaded under the moon.
there is comfort
in the gloom..
comfort in you.
a flicker of our burning desire.
you are my ageless bloom..
an undying fire.
the glass chalice of blackened smoke..
a pure enlightening glimpse.
my love, my soul..
souls of fire..
one in the center..
as our love unfolds.

this heart is beating..
so fast..
for you.

eternal apotheosis,
wandering inside..
your hand in mine.
in candlelit nights..
my mind is calm and silent
as moonlight whispers..
when i lay you down slow..
breathing against your touch.
your breathing lungs, celestial coven..
embracing our aural combine..
wounded essences interwoven.
our exemplar embodiment..
healing as we align.
we are as one..
once complete..

i will lift your name with mine
to the grave..
this heart is beating
so calm, for you.

'the whispering mist'

my photography..


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