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Ten Years Later

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Ten years ago, a decade past,
We played a game of pretend.
Little did we know, though,
It was the beginning of the end.

An entirely new game for me,
Almost routine, now, for you.
We had no idea it would be
The end for you, too.

Kind, soft words, smooth as silk,
Afflicted my young mind.
I didn't know the monster that
Those eyes did lurk behind.

Was it because I was a kid?
You liked them young, I heard.
Or was it because I adored you,
And hung on to your every word?


Two months of lovely velvet words,
Do you remember when we met?
I didn't know how you'd make me feel,
Or how dark things would soon get.

You told me you were single,
And now I feel so silly.
Said the woman and children you lived with
Were your late brother's family.

I loved you with all my heart.
Saw too much good to see the bad.
Even when I didn't want to,
I gave you everything I had.

Remember afterwards? I cried.
My childhood was gone.
I knew everything would be different
From that moment on.

Seven months, it lasted,
Twice a month, I'd meet you.
Told my parents I was with my friends,
When I sneaked off to greet you.

When everyone found out,
I still believed in you.
When they said I was a victim,
I refused to face the truth.

They told me there were seven,
That they knew of, anyway.
Were the other girls heartbroken?
What did their parents say?

The realisation crushed me.
I had been used and tricked.
Knowing you'd lied to use my body,
Made me mad and sick.


You disappeared, you coward.
Left the country, ran away,
It took them years to find you,
But you came back one day.

I remember getting the letter,
Saw your name in black and white.
Did you think I'd cry when I saw,
That you didn't put up a fight?

Guilty of being a monster,
Locked up for too short a time,
Where are you now? Were you afraid?
Did you pay for your crimes?

I lost my parents' trust,
There was nothing I could do.
Depression almost broke me,
But all I thought about was you.

I never heard from you again,
Not that I expected to.
Part of me wants to track you down
Try to contact you.

But the years went by, and life got good.
Ten years later, I'm well.
While I grew stronger, you rot away
In your lonely prison cell.

Now you're out, but a record's forever.
Did you lose your family?
Do your girls know you're a disgusting beast,
Who deserves nobody?

Part of me wants to see you again,
So you can see how I've grown,
Ten years have past, but unlike you,
I am not alone.


© 2017 Poppy

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