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symphonic conduction

the times in which we live
so much a symphony in the sky
not always blue, the movements
arranged without warning
all we can do is decide
but, it’s never it, only for some,
the earth and it’s flock
calling for each other or something
greater than themselves
always greater, a savior
for relief from their torments
what is it we can accept of it
surely not our mistakes
the blame is not so much why
instead, further destruction
while standing by the palace
where princes’ argue
only for the right to be king
while we demand a sacrifice
in the name of justice
but not for all, only for some
for the prince of thieves
and the prince of hypocrites
are the same, their blood boils
loudly in their proclamations
of evil doing by their brother
yet they remain, their power
always the same, unbroken
by their beneficiaries
the feudal society of safety,
feeling and equality
for no man is to better himself
he is only to accept his limits
and hold his head down low
all the better to honor masters
and to accept his ceiling
for to stand tall is freedom
to stoop low is to be saved
what better for a prince
than to conduct the symphony
the one of the world’s tragedy
that only they can cure

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